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    The company was founded in 1957 by Zevio ZAMBELLO – the father of Elio and Alessandro, today’s owners of the company group - and has been involved from the beginning with designing and manufacturing of reduction gearboxes of highest technology. This range in the last decades has gained a prominent position in the field of machinery for plastic materials and for the extrusion in general.

    Due to the company’s industrial politics inspired by quality criteria and to important investments over the years as well as to elevated industrial and commercial developments, which have enabled a considerable increase of the international activities, the company has become well known all over the world. Its customers now include the most important companies in this field. 

    The technology

    The Zambello group manufactures the most powerful reduction gearboxes on the market using the most advanced technology worldwide. Due to the company’s policy based on constant development, Zambello increases and improves continuously the manufacturing sites by installing more and more modern machine tools and equipment, thus enhancing continuously the output and also the product quality.

    All components used on the gearboxes (housings, toothed gears etc.) are manufactured in our factory and checked on CNC-machines of high technology, thus ensuring high quality and execution.
    The new multi-pallet CNC machining centers (up to 35 pallets and over 500 tools) ensure best accuracy on gearbox housings. Designing and manufacturing of the toothed gears is carried out on the basis of the exacting AGMA 2101 C95 standards (American Gear Manufacturers Associations). The toothed gears from Zambello are made of 18NiCrMo5 steel and have helical tooth forming and profiles ground in order to reach highest quality (AGMA 11 which corresponds to DIN 3). The toothed gears offer best performances and low noise level also at high revolutions.